Annual flooding of Mississippi River begins and waters continue to rise

Flooding along the Mississippi River has left some residents’ homes accessible only by boat, but it’s a hassle that many have grown accustomed to and that others enjoy.

Up to nearly 42 feet in some areas, the Mississippi River is expected to continue to rise over the next ten days.

“Some people lose a lot of property and crops,” said Redwood Resident Dan Bristow.

Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace says this is something that happens every spring, so homes built west of the main levee are raised high enough to where the properties should not be affected, but it can still be troubling for residents trying to get to and from their homes.

Others are taking advantage of the rising levels before roads become impassible.

“When the water comes out I get to fish, I get to catch some fish,” said Vicksburg resident, Charlotte Campbell. “Most of this stuff is private property so you can’t get on it unless you know the people, so when the water come out I get to really fish.”

The Vicksburg District Corp of Engineers expects the river to crest on May 18 at 48 feet.

This back up isn’t the only one happening.

Areas around the Yazoo River and Kings Point Ferry are also flooded.

“Those areas are sometimes more quickly affected actually,” said Sheriff Pace. “Most of that is farm land, but there are some homes in there that could become affected.”

Source: MS News