The best true wireless headphones so far

We tested 11 of the most promising true wireless in-ear headphones (as in, no wires at all connecting the earpieces like traditional Bluetooth headphones). All of them, we found, have some flaws in fit, functionality, or convenience. Because this is the first generation of the technology, manufacturers are still working out the kinks. As a result, we can’t make an overall pick that we think would work for most people. What will work for you depends on what mobile device you have and how willing you are to put up with performance glitches in order to take advantage of a cutting-edge (but still clearly work-in-progress) convenience feature.

What we can tell you is which sets are the better options right now, and what they offer in terms of pros and cons. Depending on how you plan to use your headphones, we have picks for iPhone/iOS users, budget-oriented folks, those who prioritize sound above other features, fitness buffs, and Samsung users. This way, you can decide for yourself which ones will fit best into your lifestyle, if any, and which ones are worth your money, if any.

Source: Engadget