Dave Chappelle Apologizes For Telling People To “Give Donald Trump a Chance”

Just days after Donald Trump won the presidency, Dave Chappelle appeared on Saturday Night Live. There, he had one of the most memorable opening monologues in the show’s history. Most of that monologue was about Donald Trump.

And though there were plenty of Trump jokes — at one point he said “we actually elected an internet troll” — there was a moment at the end where Chappelle wished Trump luck and said that he was “going to give him a chance.”

Six months later and he’s already realized he was dead wrong. Earlier this evening Chappelle appeared at the Robin Hood benefit in New York City. Willie Geist, the co-anchor of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, was in the audience. And he tweeted out an interesting moment where Chappelle talks about regretting his Trump comments from November:

Source: Ok Player