Derek Fisher Reportedly Arrested for DUI After Flipping Car in LA

​This isn’t going to help Derek Fisher land his next coach gig.

Per reports, Fisher was driving on the Ventura 101 Freeway in Los Angeles early Sunday morning at around 3 a.m., when he overturned his car.

He and his girlfriend were uninjured in the accident, but Fisher didn’t make it home right away after the incident.

​​Horrible look for the former NBA standout and Knicks head coach.

Fisher, who was driving a 2015 Cadillac, was reportedly approaching an interchange and hit a raised concrete curb before flipping his car. The Cadillac landed on its roof, but fortunately Fisher and his girlfriend were able to escape the vehicle.

However, once officers arrived to the scene, they determined Fisher had been drinking and arrested him on suspicion of DUI.

​​Fisher, who was a star guard in the NBA for years, most recently coached the Knicks from 2014-16. Since his unsuccessful coaching career, he’s been involved in plenty of controversial situations, but this is by far the most serious.

Now the judicial system takes over.

Source: ESPN

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