Flight attendant helps mother soothe baby midflight after ‘all hell broke loose’

One Canadian mom said she was “amazed” when a flight attendant stepped in to soothe her crying baby midflight.

Whitney Poyntz, who was flying home to Calgary, Canada, from Palm Springs, California, on April 19, thanked WestJet flight attendant Ashley Drysdale in a now viral Facebook post.

Poyntz, 28, said her 4-month-old daughter, Kennedi, was, thankfully, asleep when she boarded the flight.

“Once the captain came on the intercom, it woke her up, which is obviously no one’s fault,” Poyntz wrote on WestJet’s Facebook page. “About 30 [minutes] later, all hell broke loose.”

Poyntz, who was accompanied by her husband, said that “we did not have a happy baby” and that they were met with glares from other passengers.

Next, she wrote that Drysdale asked if she could take Kennedi and walk up and down the aisle with her. That did the trick, and her newborn was “calmed down,” Poyntz wrote.

She told ABC News that she “didn’t know what to feel. I was amazed that someone wanted to help like that.”

Poyntz then snapped a photo because “when she was soothing her, it melted my heart seeing her smiling and talking to her.”

In a statement to ABC News, WestJet praised Drysdale for her actions.

“WestJet’s caring crew are one of the reasons we have been named as the most trusted airline in Canada,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “Ashley is a true representative of the WestJet brand.”

Source: ABC News