Health agency officials and the FBI headed to town hall meeting

The Brandon town hall meeting on May 23, is partnering with the Department of Mental Health, the Bureau of Narcotics, The Board of Pharmacy, and the Jackson Division of the FBI to discuss the impact opioid addiction has had on the state and country.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Brandon Civic Center and will include a panel with representatives from all of the agencies. The meeting will also include someone personally impacted by opioid addiction and the destruction it can cause.

“In Mississippi, one in 10 people misuse prescription drugs,” said Diana Mikula, Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. “Opioids have a tremendous impact in all of our communities. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It occurs in families from all walks of life.”

Prescription drug abuse has risen 400 percent in the last decade. Teens now say it is easier to get prescription drugs than to buy beer. The misuse of prescription drugs can lead to physical dependence and eventually a full-scale mental addiction.

Source: NewsMS.FM

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