Jackson Fire Department teaches fire safety at Community Day Expo

The first instinct is to head for the door, but you really need to know more than that.

Parent Jason Robinson feels unprepared to handle a fire breaking out in his home as he crawls through this makeshift burning house.

“I was a little embarrassed because when he asked my daughter what we planned to do if there was a fire, she said get in the tub, said father

Jason Robinson. “And that was closer to a tornado or something like that.”

Robinson and his daughter along with her friends came out to Jackson Fire Department’s community day in Battlefield park to see the fire, but they ended up learning a lesson.

“A lot of times our families don’t even know what we do,” said fireman Frederick Gardner. “They know we go to work. They know we’re firemen, but they don’t know exactly what the job entails.”

The event brings awareness to what firefighters do on a daily basis.

They performed live fire drills, like this unit tour.

“It helped me recognize what fire would do to your house and and us,” said 8 year old Tristyn Balu.

Children and adults get to crawl through this home like set up filled with smoke.

“I would crawl out find the door to get out or I would look out the window and call help waving my hands,” said Jason’s daughter Gina Robinson.

Even after going through this drill at least three times, Robinson’s daughter and her friends had to go through the drill again to finally get it.

“I thought about it and I hadn’t taught her anything about this,” said Robinson.

Robinson says he’s thankful these drills showed him he has a lot of work to do at home.

“I’m gonna have to put a plan together. I’m gonna think about it. It’s important you don’t want to think about it after an injury or something.”

Source: WAPT

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