LeBron Savages Another Reporter for Asking Ridiculous Question

LeBron James is starting to get sassy. Although, I guess that’s what being down 2-0 in the Finals does to you.

So far this postseason, it’s been all Warriors all the time, as Kevin Durant and Co. have dominated the pace and score of the first two games. Now, the series heads back to Cleveland, and the Cavs need to make some changes and get a win.

With Game 3 set to tip-off tonight, players are getting their last interview in before the big game, and of course, LeBron was the center of attention.

After a bold reporter asked LeBron if he was feeling tired, he put another notch on his belt.


​​That’s the second brutal savaging of a reporter by LeBron in the past three days. We can’t forget that he literally made a ​reporter call himself stupid after asking an idiotic question after Game 2.

This is a new LeBron. He was in the same situation last year, down 2-0 in the Finals with his back against the wall, but wasn’t acting like this.

No, something is getting to him, and we need to figure out what it is.

​​Until then, we’ll keep getting sassy answers from LBJ, and we’ll love every second of it.

Source: 12UP