MSU Psychology Clinic offering behavior program for preschoolers

Parents having issues with their preschooler’s behavior may be able to get some help through a new program at the Mississippi State University Psychology Clinic.

Since January, the clinic has offered a brief behavioral intervention program for children between two and six years old. The program lasts between six and eight one-hour sessions at a cost of $10 a session, although a sliding scale fee is available to families who qualify.

“We are covering three big concepts,” said Clinic Supervisor and MSU Assistant professor of Psychology Torri M. Jones. “We’re addressing tantrums, whining, that kind of thing, aggressive behavior and non-compliance.”
Jones said help with bathroom and sleep issues would also be available, depending on the child’s needs.

Jones said six families had been through the program so far, with more slots available. The program is currently administered by nine psychology graduate students and one postdoctoral fellow, all working under Jones’ license.

“Usually, we think, is it getting in the way of your daily routine, and are they causing someone a lot of distress? That’s when we think it’s worth looking further into,” Jones said.
Parents should first call the clinic at 662-325-0270, and will be given a quick over-the-phone screen, after which they would come to the clinic for an intake interview. The following sessions would then introduce strategies that can be implemented in the home.

Jones said the families were encouraged to check back in with the clinic after six months, so that the clinic can maintain contact and provide any additional support if needed.

“Each child is different, and parents and caregivers may realize they are having problems communicating effectively with their children, but they may not know what to do,” said graduate student Brittany A. Kinman. “We are able to provide them with a toolbelt of skills they can use when problems arise, and that can help make a huge impact on their lives.”

The clinic is located at 70 Morgan Ave. on the MSU campus

Source: Starkville Daily News