Hinds County man claims R. Kelly had an affair with his wife in lawsuit

HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — A Hinds County man is suing the well-known R & B artist R.Kelly for allegedly having an affair with his wife.

Kenny Bryant filed the complaint in Hinds County on April 21 requesting a trial by jury.

Bryant alleges that his wife, Asia Childress, has been having an affair with the famous music starr since October 2012. He said his wife is now asking for a divorce.

The complaint filed says that Bryant and Childress were married in July 2012. Bryant claims that his wife has been in communication with R. Kelly through text messages, phone calls, and visits.

He is suing R. Kelly and some of the companies that he is president of, claiming that the companies helped finance the affair.

The lawsuit also says that the plaintiff’s wife convinced him to move to Georgia. He said Childress said the relocation was for her career, but he claims that text messages show it was to get closer to R. Kelly. Bryant even alleges in the document that his wife received a sexually transmitted infection from the singer.

The allegations also say that R. Kelly knew that Childress is married.

Bryant claims that R. Kelly recklessly interfered with his marriage. He is suing for compensatory and punitive damages.

Source: WJTV