Update: Arrest warrant issued for coach from Ridgeland park fight

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) –

Wednesday a criminal affidavit was filed by Leroi Gray alleging he was assaulted by Eric W. Johnson on April 21.

Gray indicated in the affidavit Johnson did purposely, knowingly and unlawfully caused or attempted to cause bodily injury to him by punching him several times with a closed fist in the head and neck area and forcing him onto the ground.

This affidavit was presented to a Ridgeland Municipal Court Judge who signed an arrest warrant for Eric W. Johnson on Thursday.

Ridgeland police investigators have been in contact with Johnson and informed him of the outstanding arrest warrant and arrangements are being made to turn himself in.


On Monday, the Ridgeland Police Department responded Freedom Ridge Park on Friday night after a fight between two men was reported.

Police say a video is a key piece of evidence, as they investigate the fight that happened after a coach was ejected from a youth baseball game.

“During this altercation, you can see one gentleman attack another one, physical punches were thrown, and the gentleman was knocked to the ground. At the end of the video he’s laying on the ground,” said Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal.

Police identified the coach in the black shirt on the right as Leroi Gray of Clinton. The man in the white shirt on the left is Eric Johnson of Marion.

So far, no charges are being filed in the case, but Gray suffered a broken his leg in the scuffle and was hospitalized.

Ridgeland Police are disappointed at the message this sends youth who witnessed it.

“As the physical punches are starting to be thrown, there’s a young boy 8-9-years-old that almost gets caught up in the middle of this,” said Neal. “It’s really a sad state for our society to think that’s the way people need to handle this.”

Caught in the middle of the fight, in the salmon colored shirt, was Meridian Mayor Percy Bland.

Sources say Eric Johnson works on the Mayors security detail.  Bland claims he tried to break up the fight.

“One of their coaches on the other team was ejected for a game, came over to our side to try to basically fight one of our parents and the situation was getting out of hand,” said Mayor Bland. “Tried to of course stop the other coach from doing that and what happened after that was an unfortunate situation.”

Source: MS News Now